Next Up in the “Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank Low Country” Mystery SeriesTHE FIRE TOWER.

In this next installment in my Amazon #1 bestselling “Hanna and Alex” series, you will find the latest gripping and twisting tale of love, betrayal and murder set in the Low Country of South Carolina and the often-tenuous relationship of Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank. 

As Hanna and Alex begin to settle into their new life together on Pawleys Island, a mysterious death and the return of a ruthless rival sends them off on a perilous journey to bring him to justice again and find out how and why Ally Combes died at The Fire Tower.

Hanna and Alex risked their lives to put mob boss, Xander Lacroix, behind bars. When they learn of his early release from prison and one of his henchmen starts a relentless campaign of harassment and revenge, they both find themselves again on the precipice of chaos and danger.

The alarming death of a local woman in Alex’s hometown of Dugganville leads to a surprising chain of events that quickly escalates into a deadly struggle with the dark forces of crime and corruption in the Low Country of South Carolina.

Here’s what readers are saying about the “Hanna and Alex” series.

“Love this series!!!“

“This series is one of the best I’ve read!”

“So good. Loved this series!”

“Can’t wait to get the other books in this series!”

“Incredible series!”

“It’s one of my favorite series!”

THE FIRE TOWER joins previous Amazon #1 bestsellers in the “Hanna and Alex” series, LIES WE NEVER SEE and DEATH ON THE NEW MOON.  All of the books in the series have been Amazon Charts bestsellers. 

Click below to get your copy of the latest Low Country Thriller THE FIRE TOWER.

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