Next Up in the Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank Low Country Suspense Thriller Series… LOST ON THE EBB TIDE.

The finishing touches on my next novel are nearly complete. LOST ON THE EBB TIDE will launch in early January with the next installment in the ongoing relationship and travails of attorney Hanna Walsh and now former Charleston Police Detective, Alex Frank.

In this next follow-up to my Amazon #1 for Psychological Thrillers, LIES WE NEVER SEE, you will find the latest gripping and twisting tale of love, betrayal and murder set in the Low Country of South Carolina and the often-challenged relationship of Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank.

In LOST ON THE EBB TIDE, Hanna and Alex again find themselves in the troubled waters of love and commitment. Alex returns to South Carolina with the promise of a new start but with strings attached that Hanna may never be able to live with.

The shocking disappearance of a young woman and suspicious death of the father of one of Hanna’s clients puts both Hanna and Alex back into the crosshairs of the ruthless Dellahousaye crime family. The story plays out against the idyllic backdrop of Charleston, Pawleys Island and the fictional Dugganville, South Carolina. LOST ON THE EBB TIDE can be read as a stand-alone novel, or readers can start at the beginning of the series with LIES WE NEVER SEE, A FOLLOWING SEA and DEATH ON THE NEW MOON.

This is my seventh novel in his “Troubled Waters” suspense thriller series. The first book, THE EMMALEE AFFAIRS, first published as THE SEASONS OF THE EMMALEE, has been a frequent #1 selection on Amazon for Historical Fiction/Mystery Thriller & Suspense.

Amazon Five Star Reviews for the “Troubled Waters” Novels

“I love this author and everything I’ve read.”
“This is a sit at the edge of your seat thriller.”

“I’ve read all his books and loved them all.”

“I am a fan and will be eagerly anticipating the author’s next book.”

“… another winner in the “Troubled Waters” series.”


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