Next Up in the “Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank Low Country” Suspense Thriller SeriesTHE HARBOR STORMS.

In this next installment in my Amazon #1 bestselling “Hanna and Alex” series, you will find the latest gripping and twisting tale of love, betrayal and murder set in the Low Country of South Carolina and the often-tenuous relationship of Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank.

In THE HARBOR STORMS, Hanna and Alex face their most dangerous challenge yet when the murder of a past friend and associate leads them to a plot that threatens to be one of the most devastating terrorist attacks in US history.

Here’s what readers are saying about the “Hanna and Alex” series.

“Love this series!!!“

“This series is one of the best I’ve read!”

“So good. Loved this series!”

“Can’t wait to get the other books in this series!”

“Incredible series!”

As Hanna and Alex struggle to stop the frightening catastrophe, both find themselves in the cross-hairs of a dangerous terrorist cell and dark forces that come at them with deadly intent.

Their own personal relationship is again thrown into disarray when Alex is suspended from the FBI and Hanna’s son battles a frightening addiction; and when all else seems to be in ruins, Alex’s ex-wife returns again with nothing but chaos and carnage in mind.

THE HARBOR STORMS joins previous Amazon #1 bestsellers in the “Hanna and Alex” series, LIES WE NEVER SEE and DEATH ON THE NEW MOON.  All of the books in the series have been Amazon Charts bestsellers.

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