One Grand Ship. Two love affairs, decades apart. An idyllic summer resort town torn apart by class struggles, tragic loss, betrayal and murder.

Jonathan McKendry, the poor son of a local boatyard owner in a 1940’s northern Michigan resort town, is falling in love with Emily Compton, the daughter of a wealthy family who summer in Charlevoix and own the grand ship, the EmmaLee. As class differences and family pressures threaten any hope of the relationship succeeding, a shocking crime shatters their dreams of being together and throws them into a desperate search for a brutal killer.

In a parallel story in present-day, Sally Thomason, a descendant of the Compton’s, is thrilled to join the Charlevoix community in welcoming back the family’s old yacht, the EmmaLee after decades away. When she meets Alex Clark, the new owner of the ship, her life takes a drastic turn that threatens her current relationship and dredges up past memories of a tragic event that continues to haunt her.

The Seasons of the EmmaLee plays out against an idyllic scenic backdrop and compelling historical context while exploring the deep emotions of tragic love and loss, and the chilling effects of evil that often lie just beneath the surface of our fragile lives.

“… a super summer read.” Traverse magazine

“… our book of the month and top seller for the season.” Debra Lambers, The Book Nook

“… EmmaLee reads elegantly and is artfully crafted.” Lisa Jensen, Editor, Michigan Blue magazine


In this follow-up to the classic, best-selling story of THE SEASONS OF THE EMMALEE, Michael Lindley revisits the idyllic resort community of Charlevoix, Michigan.

In this sequel to the Amazon Kindle #1 selection, The Seasons of the EmmaLee, a captivating story of a shocking crime, bitter betrayal and enduring love, bridging time and a vast cultural divide… Book #2 in The Troubled Waters Series.

It’s 1951, and Jonathan McKendry’s best friend and small-town lawyer, George Hansen, has found himself on the wrong end of bad situations in the past, but never one so unpopular as when he steps up to defend a local Native American man accused of the alleged sexual assault of the daughter of one of the town’s most prominent summer families. Jonathan, now married to Dr. Emily Compton McKendry, desperately tries to help his friend save the life of an innocent man as well as save his wife and a young family who are threatened by an abusive and murderous father who Emily is trying to help.

In the parallel present-day story, George Hansen looks down from his passing into the next world to see the events that develop in the search for his killer, as well as the challenges faced by the Clark family as Sally Thomason Clark’s husband Alex tries to save his business empire and his marriage from a ruthless partner, and daughter Megan lets her infatuation for a young local boy alienate the summer families who she thought were her friends.

The Summer Town continues the compelling love stories and riveting trials and challenges of Jonathan and Emily, and Alex and Sally in the idyllic resort town of Charlevoix, Michigan

“… another stellar novel… even more compelling than EmmaLee.”

“… a great success… a delightful read.”

“… after falling in love with Seasons of the EmmaLee, this was a must read!”

“…Lindley is a masterful storyteller, effortlessly moving between past and present.”

“… a rising talent.”


From the author of the Amazon Kindle #1 selection for Mystery Thriller and Suspense, The Seasons of the EmmaLee, an emotional and captivating story of desperate love, tragic betrayal and bitter compromise… Book #3 in The Troubled Waters Series.

When a woman from his past makes a surprising return during his 85th birthday celebration in the remote village of Grayton Beach, Florida, Mathew Coulter reflects back on his early years, the heartbreak of lost loves, bitter memories of family betrayal, and a young and gifted blind girl who would change the course of his life forever.

In 1918, Mathew lies recovering in a Paris hospital from a devastating wound in a battle in the French countryside. His nurse, Celeste will not only tend his wounds, but also capture his heart, but her ties to her local French village and a soldier still lost in the conflict of the Great War, will be the first in his life’s most difficult choices.

Returning to his home in America during the tumultuous years of Prohibition, Mathew ultimately finds new love, but a bitter betrayal and his ruthless family’s ties to the liquor trade in 1920’s Atlanta, force him to leave and seek refuge in a friend’s remote cottage in a small Florida beach town. He meets a young blind girl, Melanee Dalton, who will lead him on a journey that may be the final salvation for her wayward mother, a ruthless gangster on the run from his rivals in the North and Mathew’s own haunted soul.

The story of Grayton Winds plays out across the war-torn cities and villages of France during World War I, the homes of the wealthy and corrupt in Prohibition-era Atlanta, and the peaceful, yet dangerous shores of a breathtaking village on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Amazon Five Star reviews for Grayton Winds

– “… wonderful character development”
– “… one of my favorite authors”
– “… hated to reach THE END”
– “… WOW – totally impressed.”
– “… great characters and I love the author’s style.”

Praise for Michael Lindley novels

“… Lindley is a masterful storyteller, effortlessly moving between past and present.”
“… his work reads elegantly and is artfully crafted.”
“… beautifully merges storylines of then and now.”
“… a rising talent.”



A South Carolina woman, struggling to endure the loss of her husband and financial ruin, finds an old journal from a distant grandmother who suffered a similar path of hardship and betrayal… Book #4 in The Troubled Waters Series.

Hanna Walsh’s husband is found murdered in Charleston, South Carolina. His failed land deal leaves her family and finances in ruins. The FBI thinks she knows more than she’s letting on and a dangerous crime family thinks she’s hiding several million dollars they want back.

An old letter and journal found in the attic of the family’s beach house on Pawleys Island reveals her distant grandmother, who owned the same house as a young widow during the Civil War, suffered a similar path of emotional loss, crushing betrayal and financial hardship. Her grandmother’s story chronicles the tragic loss of her husband in a senseless battle fought weeks after the war had ended and a mysterious stranger who has returned to tell of her husband’s needless death.

Hanna finds their hopes for deliverance both depend on those they still hold close, but betrayal and ultimate salvation come in many unexpected forms.

Lies We Never See plays out across the beautiful and historic Pawleys Island and Charleston in the Low Country of South Carolina, as well as a distant Civil War battlefield in Southern Texas in parallel stories of two women, generations apart struggling to save their families and all they hold dear.

Amazon Five Star Reviews for Lies We Never See

“… the characters are enchanting. I loved them all.”
“…. hard to put down… another compelling story.”
“… loved reading every word of it.”
“… a thoroughly enjoyable read.”
“… suspenseful to the end.”

Praise for Michael Lindley novels

“… Lindley is a masterful storyteller, effortlessly moving between past and present.”
“… his work reads elegantly and is artfully crafted.”
“… beautifully merges storylines of then and now.”
“… a rising talent.”


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