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Thank you to so many of you for taking the “Hanna and Alex” Low Country mystery and suspense series to #1 on Amazon.  Everyday, I receive more messages from readers that they're binge reading the entire series and encouraging me to hurry with the next installment.

I mentioned in my last post that Hanna and Alex are off to the Florida Keys in this next book for a little R&R after all the chaos back in South Carolina. But you know they're going to find themselves right back in the middle of another dangerous crisis and mystery.

On a trip last fall down to the Keys for research for this new story, I came across many great insights to include in the new book.  Just to set the tone for another mystery and suspense thriller, I learned that Key West was originally named Cayo Huesta by the early Spanish explorers which translates to “Island of Bones”.  The native inhabitants of the island literally stacked mounds of bones on the hard coral surface of the island because they were unable to dig graves.

I also learned more about the treasure salvage operations that have brought up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold, silver and jewels over the years from thousands of wrecked ships on the reefs south of the Keys. Many of these operations continue today and one particular salvage discovery will play a significant role in the new “Hanna and Alex” novel.

So, what's the title and let's see the new cover!

On a earlier trip to Key West some years ago, I had the pleasure of fishing with a guide who suggested we take advantage of calm winds and travel 20+ miles west for a day of fishing off the Marquesas Keys, a series of mangrove islands formed centuries ago by the crash of a large meteor. It's a spectacularly beautiful area with abundant fish.

It also happens to be near the greatest treasure salvage operation of all time.  In the 1980's, Mel Fisher and his family discovered the Spanish galleon Atocha which had been wrecked on a reef south of the Marquesas in a hurricane in the 1600's.  The ship went down with untold wealth of silver and other valuables looted from Mexico and Central America on its way back to Spain.  Over a number of years, they were able to bring up over $400 million in treasure.  Interestingly, half the ship has drifted far from the site of the original discovery over centuries of wind and storms and has yet to be found.  How much treasure still remains out there?

So, as I was thinking about the setting and story line for the new “Hanna and Alex” novel, all this and more came together in the latest story that will be released later this spring and thus, the new title, THE MARQUESAS DRIFT.

So, tell me about the story!

As I mentioned, Hanna and Alex try to get away for some time alone to rest and recover from a particularly difficult run-in with Xander Lacroix's crime syndicate in the last book.  They are offered the use of a wealthy friend's sailboat for a week on the water cruising the Florida Keys and out to the Marquesas.  Their idyllic getaway quickly runs afoul of a dangerous and deadly series of incidents related to a new salvage operation find in a wreck off the Marquesas Keys that could be worth millions and sets off kidnapping, murder and mayhem.

Just another typical week for our dynamic couple!

We will be announcing the official release date soon and special Pre-Order pricing.

In the meantime… 

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