My latest “Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank Low Country Suspense Thriller,” THE SISTER TAKEN, went live on Amazon this week and the first reviews and ratings on Amazon and Goodreads are truly exciting.  Thanks so much to all the early readers!  I’m very pleased to see how much you all enjoyed the book.

THE SISTER TAKEN is now at 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4.75 stars on the Goodreads platforms.  Here are just a few of the early comments in the reviews…

“… engrossing, thrilling, mind-blowing!”
“… a roller-coaster ride, so many twists and turns.”
“… from the first page, I was hooked.”
“… hard to put down.”

“… a real page-turner with many twists and turns.”
“… you can’t wait to get to the end, but then wish it hadn’t ended.”
 “… and I STILL cannot believe how it all unfolded!”
“… a series to get caught up on!”
“Totally loved this book!”
“Fast paced, great characters, fear you can feel, great plot, twists, and an ending I didn’t see coming. A must read if you love heart pounding books!”
“I don’t know if I was holding my breath or just out of breath as I finished this book.”

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“A missing twin.  A “wild child” sister. A jaw-dropping twist…”

In THE SISTER TAKEN, Hanna and Alex again find themselves in the troubled waters of love and commitment. Alex returns to South Carolina with the promise of a new start but with strings attached that Hanna may never be able to live with.

When a twin sister goes missing, the other sister feels her terror, her pain… her death.

The shocking disappearance of a young woman and suspicious death of the father of one of Hanna’s clients puts both Hanna and Alex back into the cross-hairs of the ruthless Dellahousaye crime family. The story plays out against the compelling backdrop of Charleston, Pawleys Island and the fictional Dugganville, South Carolina.

CLICK HERE to get THE SISTER TAKEN for just $.99 during Launch Week.

The Sister Taken - Michael Lindley Novel

I hope you enjoy the story and please leave your own rating and review of the book on Amazon and Goodreads when you finish.  Thank you for your interest in my books!

All the best,

Michael Lindley

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