For those of you kind enough to be following the progression of my writing career and reading my books, I wanted to provide a brief update on the Michael Lindley Novels “brand platform” we’ve been developing. (Forgive me, but I’m a retired marketing guy and I get caught up in this stuff!).

You may have seen the recent announcement regarding my new “Troubled Waters” Suspense Thriller series, packaging all five of my current novels within the Mystery Thriller and Romantic Suspense genre. I’ve been working with my cover designer to update all the covers with more consistent imagery and messaging. My next book, NEW MOON TIDES to be released soon, will follow in this same direction with the continuing drama and love affair of Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank in the Low Country of South Carolina.

One other change is now going “live”.

As we’ve been developing this new “Troubled Waters” marketing platform, it became evident that earlier book titles for novels written in some cases over ten years ago, did not accurately represent or fit within the genre mentioned above. Specifically, my first novel, THE SEASONS OF THE EMMALEE and third, GRAYTON WINDS, were first published in 2005 and 2011 respectively, and those titles today don’t truly reflect this new genre placement.

As a result, we are renaming and re-releasing both books this month with new titles. THE SEASONS OF THE EMMALEE will become THE EMMALEE AFFAIRS.  GRAYTON WINDS will become BEND TO THE TEMPEST which comes from a great quote I found by Albert Schweitzer, The willow which bends to the tempest… ”  I found this particularly relevant to the difficult compromises and challenges Mathew Coulter faces in this story.

TheEmmaLeeAffairs eBook Cover THUMBNAIL jpg                    BendToTheTenmpest eBook Cover THUMBNAIL jpg

The stories remain the same, but hopefully, new readers will find these new titles more accurately reflect the genre they most closely reside in.  Interestingly, the newly titled THE EMMALEE AFFAIRS has quickly jumped back to #1 on Amazon in the Historical Mystery category with no other marketing other than the updated title change.

There are two challenges here.

I will try very hard to make it clear in the release of these new titles that they were previously available as THE SEASONS OF THE EMMALEE and GRAYTON WINDS.  I don’t want people thinking these are new books, ordering them and realizing they’ve already read the books.

The second challenge is that BEND TO THE TEMPEST with the title changing so significantly will be considered a completely new book by the book retail industry, particularly Amazon, even though only the title is changing. As a result, all past rankings and reviews will not be carried forward. Having books out there with no reviews as new potential readers consider ordering them is a tough challenge.

A huge favor.

You could all help with this issue, if you’ve read GRAYTON WINDS and not previously left a review on Amazon, to go to the link below for the newly titled BEND TO THE TEMPEST and post your rating and brief reviews. If you haven’t read this third book in the “Troubled Waters” series, now is a great time to take advantage of the $2.99 eBook price on Amazon.

CHECK OUT and leave your review for the newly titled BEND TO THE TEMPEST

I hope you can take a minute to order and/or review both these books to help this re-launch get off to a great start.  THE EMMALEE AFFAIRS remains a FREE download on Amazon.  As a thank you, I’ll be offering my new book, NEW MOON TIDES, at a special launch price of 99 cents as well when it comes out in the next couple of months.


Thank you for your help with this and your ongoing interest and support for my books!

All the best,

Michael Lindley

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