For those readers who have discovered my books over the years, first a genuine thank you for your interest in my stories.  It’s been a great experience to meet many of you at book store, book club and library events, and to hear from so many of you in the reviews and feedback you provide on Amazon, GoodReads and directly to my email at [email protected].

I’m excited about nearing completion of my next book, #6 in the “Troubled Waters” series, currently titled, “NEW MOON TIDES”.  For those who have read “LIES WE NEVER SEE” and “A FOLLOWING SEA”, you will find the continuing love affair of Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank as they navigate the latest “troubled waters” of tragic loss, murder, corrupt mobsters and politicians, as well as past loves who return to create even more ripples in the pond.

For those just discovering the “Troubled Waters” series of novels, I wanted to provide some context and background.  All of my books are set in idyllic locations on magnificent lakes and oceans and the settings provide a crucial element to each story-line. In some ways, the waters and elements become almost another character in the stories.

In Books #1 and #2, “THE SEASONS OF THE EMMALEE” and THE SUMMER TOWN”, a beautiful lake in Northern Michigan in the 1940’s, 50’s and present-day sets the stage for stories of love and loss, murder and betrayal, and ultimately, the power of redemption and recovery.

In Book #3, “GRAYTON WINDS”, the setting moves to a remote beach village on the northern Gulf Coast of Florida in the 1920’s, a place that still retains much of its historic charm even to this day. The Gulf of Mexico becomes a dramatic backdrop for the story, including a deadly hurricane that actually devastated the area in 1926.

Mathew Coulter, son of the family who controls the liquor trade in the South during Prohibition, takes refuge in Grayton Beach to escape the corruption of his family.  As he deals with the heartbreak of lost loves and bitter memories of family betrayal, a young and gifted blind girl changes the course of his life forever and may be the final salvation for her wayward mother and Mathew’s own haunted soul.

And finally, the Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank series of stories are set along the beautiful shores of the Atlantic Ocean on Pawleys Island, Charleston and the fictional Dugganville, South Carolina. These “watery” settings provide a dramatic backdrop for two people dealing with murder, betrayal, kidnapping and unexpected and challenging new love.

If you haven’t jumped in yet, I hope you’ll join me for this ride through the “troubled waters” of Michael Lindley Novels.  More details soon on the release of “NEW MOON TIDES”

Michael Lindley

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