Michael Lindley Novels Launch Day is here, Book #2 in the Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank Low Country Thriller series.

Get your copy today of my new novel, A FOLLOWING SEA, on Amazon for just $.99.

A new book for $.99?

We pay three times that for a fancy coffee that takes 10 seconds to pour and ten minutes to drink.  I’ve worked months on this new book that will certainly last readers longer than a cup of coffee and I’m selling it for less than a dollar?

In this wild new world of Independent Publishing, a successful new book launch with the online book retailer sites (Amazon), is all about the reviews and early sales momentum.  In this first week of release it’s critical to garner reviews and get sales momentum going steadily upward to show the book has merit.

So, in these first few days you can get your copy of A FOLLOWING SEA for just a buck.  And if you haven’t read the first in the Low Country Thriller series, LIES WE NEVER SEE, that’s on sale for just $.99 during launch week as well to get you started.  I hope you’ll enjoy the stories and want to leave your review and rating on Amazon right away.

In a few days when the book is off and running at a hopefully blistering pace, we’ll raise the price to an obscene amount and … well $4.99 is the typical eBook price these days, (more like the cost of a Vente Soy Decaf Latte!).  Or get your fresh new paperback from Amazon for just $14.99.

In A FOLLOWING SEA, the sequel to the Amazon Top 50 pick for Historical Fiction, Mystery and Suspense, LIES WE NEVER SEE, Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank return for a present-day story of mystery, murder, mayhem and romance on Pawleys Island and the Low Country of South Carolina.  Here’s the blurb… (that’s writer-speak for the book cover description).

Hanna was starting to believe she might have a future with Detective Alex Frank until his ex-wife returns intent on making up for past sins.

It’s been over a year and free legal clinic attorney Hanna Walsh has tried to move beyond the betrayal and violent murder of her husband.  Charleston Police Detective Alex Frank, who helped bring the killer to justice, is becoming more than a friend.  Then Alex’s ex-wife comes back to town with a shocking secret and all of Hanna’s trust issues coming racing back.

When Alex’s father is charged with the brutal death of a rival shrimp boat captain and he digs deeper into the crime, he finds himself in the crosshairs of dangerous killers. As Hanna tries to help with the investigation and defense of Alex’s father, she hangs on to a distant hope that she and Alex can get back together, but his cunning ex and a vengeful crime syndicate have other plans for all their futures.

I hope you enjoy the story.  Tell friends and family so everyone can get this special launch offer … (and we can get this book up to full price sooner rather than later!)

Here’s the link to buy the book and also to leave your review on Amazon.  And please share this message on your social media feeds.

Click here for special Launch Week pricing of just $.99 for A FOLLOWING SEA.

(Disclaimer goes here… LIMITED TIME OFFER.  In a few days you’ll find the book at full price.)

Thanks as always for your continued interest and support for my books!

Happy reading!

Michael Lindley

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