New cover design for A FOLLOWING SEA previews new covers for all Michael Lindley Novels.

I am very excited to share two announcements today. My next novel, A FOLLOWING SEA, will be released on Friday, January 11, the sequel to LIES WE NEVER SEE and next installment in the Hanna Walsh and Alex Frank Low Country Thriller Series.

The second piece of news is the reveal of the new cover for A FOLLOWING SEA that will be timed with the release of a new design for all my novels. My books have been published over the past 10+ years and the individual covers were done separately and needed to be updated to portray a consistent look and brand for MICHAEL LINDLEY NOVELS. I’ve worked with a great cover designer on this new look and hope to build a more recognizable brand for my books that is representative of the Mystery, Thriller and Suspense genre.

In A FOLLOWING SEA, Hanna Walsh is still recovering from the trauma of her husband’s murder and betrayal of those she held close as Detective Alex Clark helps her find a new path and a new relationship in her life. Their time together is soon threatened by the return of Alex’s ex-wife who is intent on making up for past sins.

Alex’s life is thrown into further chaos when his father, a shrimp boat captain out of a small waterfront town in South Carolina, is arrested for the brutal murder of a rival shrimper. Alex finds himself in the cross-hairs of a dangerous crime element as he digs too deep into his father’s murder investigation.

While Hanna tries to help Alex and his father, she faces her own dangers when the violent husband of a young woman who has come to her free legal clinic for help, turns his wrath on her.

Will Hanna and Alex be able to navigate these dangerous waters and the dark forces that threaten not only their relationship but also their lives?

Praise and Five Stars for LIES WE NEVER SEE
“…. the characters are enchanting. I loved them all.”
“… hard to put down… another compelling story.”
“… loved reading every word of it.”
“… a thoroughly enjoyable read.”
“… suspenseful to the end and I highly recommend it.”

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Michael Lindley