An author’s journey is mostly a quiet and lonely pursuit. Hours and days spent at the keyboard crafting the next book can be both exciting and terribly frustrating at the same time.  There are sessions when the story practically writes itself. There are others where doubts creep in and you start rethinking the entire book!
And then there are days that provide the nourishment and encouragement to continue on with the next book in-process. One of those days I presume all novelists wish for and cherish when it arrives is the day your book hits #1 on any book review or sales list… particularly on the “granddaddy” of book sites, Amazon.
I’m so excited to report that my latest novel, LIES WE NEVER SEE has delivered the magic number! This past week, the book rose to #1 in two Categories/Genres on Amazon and #3 in a third…
– #1 for Literature and Fiction/Literary Fiction/Sagas
– #1 for Literature and Fiction/Historical Fiction/Women’s Fiction
– #3 for Literature and Fiction/Womens Fiction/Mystery Thriller and Suspense/Detective
So, this week is a moment to pause and celebrate… but then dive back in to the next book, A FOLLOWING SEA which is currently in the “edit” phase with a new book cover in development. Looking at an early fall launch!
Happy Reading!
Michael Lindley

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