Continuing with the series of character profiles from my new novel, LIES WE NEVER SEE, today I'd like you to meet a pivotal character in the present-day story of the book. As Hanna Walsh struggles to deal with the loss of her husband in a still unsolved murder and the collapse of her family and finances, a Charleston police detective, Alex Frank, continues to offer support. As the story progresses, Alex becomes more and more involved in Hanna's case and growing struggles, even as the FBI steps in to take over the investigation of Ben Walsh's murder and the failed land deal that appears to have led to his death.

Detective Alex Frank is a South Carolina native who grew up in a small shrimper town up the bay from Charleston. His father always expected he and his brother would take over the family's shrimp trawler business, but the Afghanistan War changed their destiny.ย  Both brothers served in the Special Forces in the war.ย  When Alex's younger brother is killed in a Taliban ambush, Alex stays on for a second tour and almost looses his own life in a dangerous mountain attack on an enemy mountain stronghold.

Returning to South Carolina with serious wounds, Alex finds his life taking a new direction when a friend who serves in the Charleston Police Department visits the VA hospital he's recovering in. Their friendship grows closer as Alex recovers and he soon sees a life as a police officer will be more fulfilling than one on the deck of the family's shrimper.

He rises to detective over the years and is assigned to the murder investigation of Ben Walsh. His life will take dramatic new turns as his relationship with Hanna Walsh grows.

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Michael Lindley

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