In my last post, you met lead character, Hanna Walsh, and learned of her struggles to find her husband’s killer and escape financial ruin as former partners in her husband’s failed land deal continue to threaten her. Hanna’s present-day story takes an unexpected turn when she discovers an old letter and journal in the attic of the family’s beach house on Pawleys Island, SC., written by a distant relative who lived in the same house during the Civil War.
Amanda Paltierre Atwell is Hanna’s many-times great-grandmother.  In the journal we learn of the tragic loss of her husband, a Confederate Army officer who died in a senseless battle with Union forces fought weeks after the war had already ended. We also learn of Amanda’s similar plight to avoid the loss of all family holdings as those closest to her seem her greatest danger. She is also visited by a man who delivers an un-mailed letter home from her deceased husband. The man seems intent in helping Amanda to understand the circumstances of her husband’s senseless death, but his motives become increasingly questionable.
Amanda is a strong spirit who fights through unimaginable sorrow and threats of total financial collapse of her family. She is a trusting and loving soul but is increasingly challenged by those she holds close for support.
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