We’re in week one of the launch of LIES WE NEVER SEE, and I’m very excited about the early response from readers. For those of you who haven’t checked the book out yet on Amazon, or ordered it from your local bookstore, I thought you might like to meet a few of the lead characters first in the next few blogs I post.
In LIES WE NEVER SEE, there are parallel stories written in both present-day, with Hanna Walsh introduced as a woman who has lost her husband to a ruthless killer following a failed land deal, and her many-times great-grandmother, Amanda Paltierre Atwell, who lived in the same Pawleys Island, SC, home back during the Civil War. In an old journal found in the attic of the house, Hanna finds that her distant grandmother faced similar challenges of betrayal and loss. But, more on Amanda in the next post. Who is Hanna Walsh?
Born Hanna Moss, to the prominent Moss family of Atlanta, Georgia, Hanna grew up in the shadow of her father and his high-profile legal career. At her father’s persistent urging, she follows him into the legal profession but soon leaves the family firm and wealthy clientele, to set-up her own free legal clinic in Charleston, South Carolina. She finally reunites and marries an old boyfriend from law school, Ben Walsh, who joins a large law firm in Charleston. They have a son, Jonathan, and live a hectic and mostly fulfilling life in Charleston and at their beach house on Pawleys Island until Jonathan is in his senior year in high school.
Hanna’s husband finds himself immersed in a fraudulent land development deal in Florida with some exceptionally shady partners from Miami. When the deal goes south, Ben is found murdered on the streets of Charleston. Hanna is left grieving for her husband whose murder has not been solved, as well as financial ruin with her husband foolishly investing most everything they had in the land deal.
A threatening stranger shows up at Hanna’s house and demands she return a large sum of money he and his associates believe her deceased husband secreted away from the land project. When her son is kidnapped and held in exchange for the money, Hanna works with the FBI and Charleston Police Detective Alex Frank to get her son back.
When Hanna finds her great-grandmother’s journal and discovers her similar struggles, she takes strength from her ancestor’s stubborn refusal to give-in to the challenges she faced. Hanna's own resolve grows as she continues to uncover the truth about her husband and the treachery of several people in her life she always felt she could trust.

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Happy reading!

Michael Lindley

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